Whatever we do in our business lives, we are always within the context of the society in which we live. I have always been a strong believer that business people need to pay close attention to what is going on around them socially and to participate as far as their expertise will allow in trying to make society better.

As noted in “Finnies Family”, this has led me to have a parallel career in the voluntary field beyond the usual involvement in industry associations and education.

While in B.C., I was asked by the Provincial Government to set up an organization to help pull the province out of a difficult recession. As a result I established an organization called Team BC in the early 1980’s to try to help particularly smaller communities regain some momentum after a significant downturn in such industries as logging, mining and fishing.

Finally, having chaired United Way campaigns in each of the Cities in which I lived, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, I have some views on where this wonderful concept can and should go.

1. Team BC News Conference
Remarks at the opening of Team BC, Robson Media Centre, Vancouv er, September 16, 1982.

2. Lets Keep B.C. Moving
A talk about how a little optimism will go a long way in recognizing the potential for communities to capitalize on their benefits.

3. The State of United Ways/Centraides in Canada Today
Opening remarks at the Campaign Leader’s Workshop, Mississauga, February 28, 1982.

4. United Way Annual General Meeting
My opening remarks at the United Way AGM in Toronto, September 1986, when I was Chair of the Board of the United Way.