OCTOBER 23, 1980

I am very pleased to welcome you to this ‘thank you’ party. It is not often we get the opportunity to get all the community programming people together so that we can express our thanks for the marvellous job you have been doing.

I have a special affection for the Channel 10 group in Vancouver of course because I seem to be one of their regular subjects at conventions, on talk shows or taping my fireside chats. On these occasions I have been consistently impressed with the high quality of the production, the professionalism of the staff, and above all their consistent good humour.

I get constant reminders of the work that the Channel 10 group do and it is always a pleasure to hear the compliments about our coverage of the BRIC Annual Meeting, the Schrum Game or our own CRTC Hearing.

One way of saying thank you to all of you is to keep this talk very short 1 But I did want to tell you that over the past two or three days we have had all kinds of meetings in Victoria and on the mainland to explain to everyone just how committed we are to living up to or exceeding all the promises we made when CCL and Premier were allowed to merge into the world’s largest cable television company.

In particular in the area of community programming we are well along the way to splitting up our studio operations by opening separate facilities in Burnaby and Richmond. We are looking into what is required to provide better coverage of the Vancouver City Council. We have already ordered the equipment to split the signals so that we can independently serve the municipalities adjacent to Vancouver while still providing an integrated community channel network for matters of broad interest. We are actively looking at a location for a new studio to serve the Vancouver area.

All this adds up to a continued commitment to the community channel concept. We intend to continue to show that Channel 10 is an operation of which we can all be very proud.

Thank you for all your efforts in making this possible.