CIPS which was formerly the Computer Society of Canada is a pioneering organization representing the computer professionals rather than computer companies. Amongst its many activities, it published an annual Computer Census in the early days when such systems were still a rarity in Canada.

I was President of the Ottawa Chapter in 1967-68 and was National President in 1970-71.

One of the major activities of CIPS was to promote professional standards for practitioners in the field. In addition to my work at CIPS, I was also a Founding Director of the Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals, an international organization established in 1973.

1. A Society for the 70’s
A talk given to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Information Processing Society at the Hotel Vancouver, June 2, 1970.

2. Communications and Data Processing
A paper delivered to CIPS in December 1970 on remote data processing.

3. Trends in Canadian Computing
A talk given to the Canadian Information Processing Society in November 1970.

4. The Janus Complex
A proposal for reorganizing CIPS taking into account that in 1970 we had launched the Canadian Computer Conference, started a Salary and Manpower Survey and started the CIPS National Magazine.

5. A Proposal for the Establishment of The Canadian Federation of Information Processing Societies
This did not happen but my feeling was there were far too many societies trying to represent the computer industry and I proposed the establishment of CAFIPS which would then represent the Canadian computer industry to the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) a good try!