George A. Fierheller
C.M., B.A., D.S.Litt., LL.D.

The books that follow are on a very diverse series of subjects.
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Finnie’s Family:
The Fierhellers – a Canadian story

“most families are better dead than alive”
A lighthearted overview of the Fierheller family history reaching new heights with a description of my somewhat messy career.
108 Pages, 62 Illustrations.

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Let me say this about that – Talks on Topical Topics
“progress is capitalizing on the inevitable”
I have opinions on everything, usually unencumbered by facts. This is a collection of forty-eight talks given to a wide range of very patient audiences over many decades. 276 Pages, 56 Illustrations.

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Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate
“there was nothing to be BLUE about these glorious days”
A former IBMer looks at the development of punched card equipment and the amazing impact it had on the growth of industry and government in the first half of the 20th century. The book then examines the disappearance of this equipment with the rapid rise of electronic data processing in the mid-50’s and early 60’s.
120 Pages, 166 Illustrations.

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I Gave at the Office – Views On Voluntarism
“I seem to have the belief that anything can be done better”
Observations on why people give their time and money, often to benefit those they will never meet.
142 Pages, 116 Illustrations.

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Talk of Toronto – Growing Up in a Growing City
“I was clearly in the right place at the right time”
A look at growing up in Toronto during the Depression of the 1930’s, the Aggression of the 1940’s and the Progression of the 1950’s.
206 Pages, 202 Illustrations.

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Wireless in Wonderland – Canadians Cut The Cord 1983-1993
“now I ‘can tell’ the story of the first decade of CANTEL”
We must have been out of our minds. In 1983, a small group started a new company in a new industry with new tech- nology. Then we took on the largest and most profitable companies in Canada. Somehow it worked.
165 Pages, 170 Illustrations.