Premier Cablevision Limited as it was known when I moved to B.C. as the President and CEO was the largest Cable TV company in Canada. It was also one of two pioneers in the Cable Television field (the other being Canadian Cablesystems Limited based in London, Ontario). It had cable TV operations in Alberta and Ontario as well as being the dominant player in B.C. with operations in Vancouver and Victoria. It even had Cable TV operations in Dublin and Waterford, Ireland.

It was however a traditional Cable Television company. I was brought in as President and CEO on April 1, 1979 to bring the new Wired City perspective to the company. We expanded into the United States, participated in the launch of Pay TV in Canada and pioneered some new approaches to multicultural programming.

The company however needed economy of scale and a rationalization of the Cable Television industry in Canada was very necessary. In 1980, the company merged with Canadian Cablesystems Limited which itself had recently been acquired by Rogers Cable TV. I became the Chair of the newly created cable giant under the leadership of Ted Rogers.

During my time in the cable industry, I chaired the Strategic Planning Committee of the Canadian Cable Television Association and was the President of the Cable Telecommunications Research Association.

It was these activities that led to the attached talks from about 1979 to 1983 when I became involved in the application for mobile telephone licenses in Canada.

1. The Other End of the Tube
A talk given to the Federal Government Computer Conference in Ottawa, September 11, 1979.

2. The Third Phase
A forecast of the future of the cable industry published in Cable Communications in 1980.

3. The Unwired City
A paper in 1979 looking forward to the 1980’s and 90’s when there would be a mixture of the wired and unwired worlds – an interesting prediction given my later involvement in wireless telephony.

4. A Policy for the Cable Industry In Canada
Discussion notes for the then Minister of Communications, the Honourable David MacDonald, delivered to the Government of Canada, September 1979.

5. Fireside Chat
I continued my approach of having regular fireside chats with the staff. However as the Premier personnel were in several countries and many locations, I started to videotape these. This one was January 1980.

6. Annual Meeting
My notes for the AGM for Premier on January 10, 1980.

7. Broadband Communications Canada’s Newest Retailer
A talk given at the CIPS seminar on Data Communications in Winnipeg, Canada, April 22, 1980.

8. Seminar on Communications
A talk given to the British Columbia Government at a seminar on Communications held in Richmond, B.C., April 25-27, 1980.

9. The Unwired City
A talk given at Session 80 of the CIPS Annual Meeting, Victoria, B.C.,
May 13, 1980.

10. Conference Board Meeting
Notes for a discussion at the Conference Board meeting at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., May 30 June 30, 1980.

11. Alternative Approaches to Networking in the 1980’s
A talk given to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Telecommunications Carriers Association, Vancouver, B.C., June 24, 1980.

12. Investment Presentation
A talk given to the Toronto Investment Dealers Association, August 29, 1980.

13. Marketing Through New Technology
A talk given to the Sales and Marketing Executives of Vancouver, September 18, 1980.

14. Victoria Programming Reception
Notes for a cocktail party talk to the Community Programming Group in Victoria, October 21, 1980.

15. Community Leaders in Victoria, B.C.
A breakfast meeting in Victoria to explain the reasons for the recent merger between Premier Communications Limited and Canadian Cablesystems Limited, October 22, 1980.

16. Victoria Community Talk
Notes for a cocktail reception at the Crystal Gardens in Victoria, October 22, 1980.

17. Vancouver and Fraser Programming Reception
An update for the community programming groups in Vancouver and Fraser Valley, October 23, 1980.

18. Municipal, Business and Arts Communities
A luncheon talk for senior members of the lower mainland communities, October 23, 1980.

19. Freedom to Choose
A talk to the Rotary Club of Vancouver on January 25, 1983 shortly after the introduction of Pay TV. This Pay TV package has included the Playboy channel which aroused a significant backlash from some women’s organizations. I managed to pour fuel on the fire unintentionally.

20. Annual Meeting
My remarks at the AGM of Canadian Cablesystems Limited in Toronto, January 26, 1981.

21. You Take the High Road
An overview of Cable TV as a future market for satellite services. This was given to the management group of Telesat Canada in Ottawa on June 28, 1983 and forecasts the extensive use of satellite delivered programming in conjunction with cable.

22. Issues In the Canadian Cable Television Industry
A background paper in January 1985 on where I felt the cable industry was headed.