This is a list of selected talks and articles that are available on this web site.

The articles are listed by organization or subject for ease of reference and then chronological sequence within those topics. Also in the index is a brief background as to why they are included on the web site.

As many of these are of specialized interest only, this web-based approach has been used to avoid cluttering the book, “Let Me Say This About That.”

I hope you will find at least some of this material useful.

Below please find this brief chronology to help with the time period
when these talks or articles were delivered.



1955 Graduated in Political Science & Economics from
Trinity College, University of Toronto
1955-68 Various sales and marketing positions at
IBM Canada

-1 Toronto 1955-60

-2 Ottawa 1960-68

1968-79 President & CEO of Systems Dimensions Limited
(SDL) based in Ottawa

National President, Canadian Information
Processing Society (CIPS) 1970-71

Chair, United Appeal Campaign 1971

Chair, Board of Governors, Carleton University

1979-85 President & CEO, Premier Communications
Limited based in Vancouver

Chair, Canadian Cablesystems 1980-83

Chair, United Way Campaign 1981

Chair, Finance Committee, Board of Governors,
Simon Fraser University 1981-84

Chair, Team BC 1982-83

President and CEO, Cantel 1983-85

1985-93 President & CEO, Rogers Cantel based in Toronto

Chair & CEO, Rogers Cantel 1990-93

Chair, United Way Campaign 1991

Chair, Vision 2000 1989-91

Chair, Information Technology Association of
Canada (ITAC) 1993-94

1993-96 Vice Chair, Rogers Communications Inc.
based in Toronto

President, Toronto Board of Trade 1996-97

1997-Present President & CEO, Four Halls Inc. based in

Chair, Trinity College Capital Campaign 1996-99

President, National Club 1998-99

Chair, Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance