Unlike CIPS, ITAC is an industry association comprised of about 270 of the largest providers of computer software and hardware in Canada.

I was the National Chair in 1993-94 where amongst other things I endeavoured (unsuccessfully) to bring about a merger with the Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA).

During my tenure, ITAC produced a series of annual conferences based on the growing interest at that time in the Information Super Highway.

The first in Toronto was called Powering-up North America. It included, as speakers, such glitterati as the futurist George Gilder, Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab, Larry Ellison, CEO Oracle, Bill Esrey, Chairman and CEO, Sprint, Ted Rogers, Terry Matthews, Newbridge and Bob Rae, then Premier of Ontario.

This was followed-up by a conference in Ottawa with a similar line-up called Road-Kill on the Information Highway that emphasized the human resource implications for this new development.

1. Growing the Infratechnology
A talk to the National Summit on Information Policy, Ottawa,
December 8, 1992.

2. Opening Address, INTERCOM 93
A talk given in Vancouver, British Columbia, February 25, 1993.

3. Bits, Bytes and Bold Strategies
A talk given to the Mississauga Board of Trade, March 8, 1993.

4. The Strategic Resource
Remarks to the Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa, May 11, 1993.

5. Bits of Progress
A talk on converging technologies to the Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association, Toronto, October 13, 1994.