In Canada we are never far from either. Governments usually mean well but as is widely recognized, sometimes get in the way.

I have always been a social liberal but an economic conservative. These talks reflect that viewpoint that in terms of government, less is usually more.

1. A brief concerning aspects of the Act to amend the Combines Investigation Act (Bill C-42).
This was written from the position of a Private Sector Company (SDL) and suggested modifications to the act.

2. Business Needs an Ombudsman
A talk given to the Third International Conference on Computer Communications, Toronto, August 6, 1976.
This was really a talk on the Canadian entrepreneur in the 1970s. It seemed to me that we appoint ombudsmen for many reasons and perhaps it is time to do the same for free enterprise to try to avoid the red tape that governments regularly impose.

3. Relationships with Governments – Policies and Strategies
A Canadian viewpoint given at the First World Computering Services Industry Conference, Barcelona, Spain, June 20-23, 1978.

4. Ministerial discretion – is there adequate constraint?
A talk given to the Canadian Bar Association, Vancouver, September 1, 1981.

5. Communications Planning
A talk to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications Planning Conference, Georgian College, August 19, 1985.

6. Competition and Telecommunications in Canada A Case Study
A talk to the Canadian Communications Law and Policy Conference, March 25, 1988, Osgoode Hall, Toronto.