These talks cover a variety of topics in the computer industry ranging from the potential benefits to a major constraint which was then and still is the lack of sufficient trained people in the field.

They reflect views over some 35 years that were occasionally right on e.g. forecasting the ability to add as much intelligence as one wishes to virtually anything, even inanimate objects. However, sometimes I got it wrong having not forecast the incredible growth in Personal Computers for home use. I was somewhat sceptical in these days before the Internet.

There are also some looks at a particular industry and the impact of computers on it.

1. Chartered Accountants Presentation
A talk given to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Toronto, May 12, 1969. These are just speech notes introducing the concept of large scale computer service utilities.

2. Where is the computer industry going?
A user’s viewpoint.
A talk to the Toronto section of the Canadian Information Processing Society, September 11, 1979, discussing the declining cost of computer cycles and its impact on the choice between remote computing and in-house solutions.

3. Just Push the Button
A presentation to the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Third Canadian Conference, Vancouver, B.C., October 3, 1981. This paper expands on the concept of utilizing the declining size of electronic components and the increasing capability of remote interface with computers to automate just about anything.

4. Not Even a Mouse
A Christmas dinner meeting address to the Canadian Information Processing Society, Ottawa Chapter, December 12, 1985. This is where I talked about my early experience with PCs and my concern about how really useful they would prove to be in the home – dead wrong!

5. Have Fun, Will Travel
A talk to the Canadian Business Travel Association, Toronto, April 22, 1994. A discussion of how computers will impact a particular industry and how that industry can respond.