Mission — To be the leader in mobile communication service.

Vision — At Cantel, we earn customer acclaim and gain personal satisfaction by going above and beyond in everything we do.


â–  Relationships
Relationships are the foundation of our business. Building healthy, productive, long-term relationships with our customers and Cantel family members will en sure our growth and future success.

â–  Balance
While corporate achievement is our collective goal, we recognize the vital im portance of personal health and well-being, our families, job satisfaction and the growth and development of all of us.

â–  Creativity
We thrive on creative ideas, fresh solutions and new processes that challenge traditional thinking, improve our services and encourage further innovation. We believe the power of our collective creativity is Cantel’s greatest strength

â–  Gutsy
New ideas can only be successful if acted upon with conviction and commitment. We value the willingness to take bold action knowing that failures are merely re hearsals for success.

â–  Fun
Real job satisfaction is gauged by the enjoyment derived from our work. It is measured by how happy we are and how easily we laugh. We make our work fun by keeping everything in perspective, focusing on the positive and not taking ourselves too seriously.