In early 1983, while I was still Chair of Canadian Cablesystems and still living in Vancouver, I was asked to put together a team to bid for the about-to-be-released cellular radio licenses in Canada. A more complete story of this venture is told in “Finnie’s Family” which is also available on this web site. Briefly the bid team that I led was made up of representatives of the consortium financed by Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien, Telemedia, Quebec, Sam Balzberg, British Columbia and Ted Rogers, Ontario.

After about nine months of hard marketing, the consortium was awarded the first national telephone license on December 14, 1983.

Having led the bid team, I was then asked to be the Founding President and CEO, just until a permanent President could be found. For a variety of reasons, the first President we hired did not work out and after filling in with a very capable contract President, I was asked to resume the Presidency and did so in August 1985.

It was during this time until I retired as CEO in 1993 that the attached talks were delivered.

As usual I was active in the industry and amongst other things chaired the Cellular Safety Committee for the international Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).

1. The Future of Basic Communication Systems
A talk given to Communications in the Eighties, University of Calgary, May 1, 1984.

2. Cellular Radio Coming Onstream
A talk for Radiocomm ’84 given at the Sheraton Centre, Toronto, May 31, 1984.

3. Cantel The Technical Times
A paper on some of the challenges of developing and building a national telephone system from scratch with essentially no experience!

4. Cantel Mission/Vision/Values
How we saw ourselves.

5. Your Phone Away From Phone
A talk given to the Western Canada Telecommunications Council AGM, April 19, 1985.

6. The Wired City in a Non-Wired World
A talk given to the Stratford Rotary Club, November 28, 1985.

7. Canadian Media Conference
A talk given to the first annual Canadian Media Conference, January 27, 1987. This is where I forecast that the next generation of cellular telephones would look like a seventy-nine cent pen. I was definitely wrong in this projection as what customers wanted was larger screens, keyboards, Short Messaging Systems, pictures and even full motion video.

8. CRTC Briefing
A talk about Cantel as a corporate citizen given to the CRTC, Friday, December 2, 1988.

9. Canadian Telecommunications: Preparing for 2001
A talk at Communications Strategies ’89, Toronto, May 17, 1989.

10. Product Innovation in a Service Industry
A talk at the National Business Show in Toronto, May 15, 1990.

11. The Mobile Communications Revolution
A talk at the North American Cellular Conference, Toronto June 21, 1990.

12. Emerging Technologies and Strategies in a Newly Deregulated Market – The Canadian Experience
A talk given in Sidney Australia, July 31, 1990.

13. Mobile Cellular Communications
A paper given at Inter Comm ’90, Vancouver

14. Mobile Communications Challenges and Obstacles
A talk to the Wireless Communications Seminar on Friday, April 10, 1992 in Toronto.

15. Dances With Digital
A talk to the Carleton University Seminar on Publics, Markets and the State: Seminar on Canadian Communications Policy, Ottawa, January 23, 1993.

16. The Leading Edge
A talk given to the Communications and Media Workshop, Strategies for the 90’s, Toronto, February 11, 1993.

17. Making Today Better for You Everyday
At talk to the Institute of Market Driven Quality Breakfast of Champion’s, Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, February 18, 1993.

18. Disaster Preparedness and Response
A talk given to Wireless 93 CTIA Convention, Dallas, Texas, March 1993.

19. Annual General Meeting
My remarks to the Rogers Communications Inc. AGM in Toronto, March 31, 1993.

20. Management and Mobility
A talk to the Executive Forum, Toronto Board of Trade, April 22, 1993.

21. A New Communications Scene
A talk at the Toronto Junior Board of Trade, October 26, 1993.

22. Radio Advisory Board of Canada
A talk to the Annual General Meeting of the Radio Advisory Board of Canada, November 25, 1993.

23. The Crystal Ball
A talk to the Comdex/Canada Plenary Session, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, July 13, 1994.

24. Phones Will Shrink to the Size of a Pen
Article in the Toronto Star Business Section, July 14, 1994.

25. The Future of Public Cordless Telephony
A look at what consumers really want from their supplier of wireless telephony, July 25, 1994.

26. Business Communication Today and Tomorrow
A discussion of the Rogers approach to business communications delivered to Ryerson Polytechnic University, September 31, 1994.

27. Cantel’s 10th Anniversary
Remarks at a celebration of Cantel’s 10th Anniversary, June 29, 1995.