In case you hadn’t noticed, the last eighteen months have been amongst the busiest in our history. We have made impressive moves in areas that will ensure a bright future in the years to come.

If you thought this was a quiet period because we were not breaking any sales records, just look at what we have done:

In Toronto, we closed one of the largest projects ever let by the Ontario Government – the Ministry of Housing Project.

SDL Informatique sold a major new approach with the Daisyfresh account.

In Ottawa, despite a very competitive situation, we still have over 2.5 times the amount of business of our next largest competitor.

SDL International closed its first major account with the U.S. Government – the U.S. Navy.

In Western Canada we opened new accounts with over 20 clients.

In fact, during the past six months about 10% of our revenue came from new accounts.

We instituted an entirely new approach to developing products and supporting the market with the creation of the Product Division and the establishment of the Marketing and Sales Support departments, and Product Marketing.

This in turn led to new methods of meeting customer needs with our Data Base Services.

We introduced new pre-programmed services covering a variety of standard client applications.

We introduced the System Life Cycle – a new approach to producing results for our clients.

We expanded not only what we are selling but where, with new offices opened in Washington, Calgary, Edmonton and ^Vancouver.

We backed this selling up by expanding our educational role. We started in new sales training program. We added video tape to facilitate our educational programs.

We finalized a new university recruiting approach called the Class of ’77 to ensure we have the people resources for the future.

We revised the corporate image with a new approach to sales literature. We introduced Word Processing as an aid to creating proposals and assisting in this new image.

We launched a major advertising campaign.

We appeared in the National Computer Conference Show in New York, and the Canadian Computer Show in Montreal and the DP Federal Expo Show in Washington. We are now going into the Computer Caravan in Philadelphia and Boston.

We moved to new offices in Montreal. We made a major renovation in the Quebec City office. We relocated the Washington office to new premises.

We completed an operating system conversion estimated to cost more than a million dollars – the first major re-engineering of our CS products since the company started.

Along with MVS, came TSO, CICS, and other new approaches to help our clients utilize this system.

We introduced new communications networking technology through COMTEN processors located in New York, Boston, Washington and Ottawa.

We undertook a project using a Hewlett Packard mini computer to provide Data Entry and Text Editing service. The Ottawa branch office is now further developing our approach for customer use in the next few months.

We added a third major computer.

The results of all this activity have not yet shown up on the bottom line. They will.

And this is just for starters. We are determined to present to the Board of Directors in June the most aggressive plan for corporate expansion since the company started. And we have the people and the financial resources to make it happen.

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